Amur Tiger

Amur Tiger - The Amur Tiger, more commonly known as the Siberian Tiger, is the largest tiger, and the largest cat in the world. It lives in Eastern Russia, Northern China and Northern parts of North Korea.

Asian Elephant

Asian Elephant - The Asian Elephant is one of two species of elephant in the world. It is slightly smaller than its cousin, the African Elephant. Asian Elephants live in forests and rainforests of India and other countries of Southeast Asia.

Binturong - Binturongs are mammals with a unique appearance. They look like a cross between a bear and a raccoon, but are acutally most closely related to civets. They live in the forests of Southeast Asia, where they eat insects and small vertebrates.

Giant Panda

Giant Panda - Giant pandas live in mountainous regions of Central and Southern-Central China. They eat mostly plants and vegetation, but will also eat insects and small animals on occasion. They are extremely well known for eating bamboo, and their cuddly appearance.

King Cobra

King Cobra - King Cobras live in thick forests in Southeast Asia. They are venomous, and famous for "dancing" with snake charmers. They are also famous for their hoods that open when they are threatened by other predators.

Lion-Tailed Macaque - Lion-Tailed Macaques are primates that are only found in Southwestern India, in the Western Ghats mountain range. They eat a variety of fruits, nuts and insects. They spend most of their lives in trees, and are endangered due to habitat loss and hunting.