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Location, Habitat and Diet

Sugar gliders are located in parts of Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania and nearby islands. Sugar gliders will be found in forests where it can feed on the sap of eucalyptus trees. This is where the "sugar" in Sugar Glider is derived from. They will also feed on fruits and vegetables, and insects represent a larger portion of their diet.

Size and Description

Sugar gliders weigh approximately 3 - 5 ounces and are approximately 14 - 15 inches in length including the tail. There is a long black stripe that extends from the nose to the back and the tip of the tail is also black.


A female sugar glider will typically have 1 - 2 young and will carry the young in her pouch for approximately 10 weeks. A glider will reach sexual maturity in about a year.


Sugar gliders have membranes called patagium which extend from their foot area to their hand area on each side. With these patagium, a sugar glider can glide distances of 50 yards or more, or over half the distance of a football field.

Special Facts

Sugar gliders are popular as pets in the United States and other areas of the world.

Jennifer Griner
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