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Location and Habitat

Red pandas are located in portions of Nepal, Burma, southern China and surrounding areas. Here they live at higher altitudes within the Himalayan mountain range, in dense bamboo forests and thickets.


Like giant pandas, red pandas dine on bamboo shoots. They have a similar wrist structure that assists them in gripping the shoots. Red pandas will also eat fruits, acorns, grasses and other items.

Size and Description

Red pandas grow to 1.5 - 2 ft in length by adulthood. They weigh approximately 8 - 12 pounds. Red pandas are similar to raccoons in appearance, with red and black coats. They have long, bushy tails which have alternating cream and red rings on them. On their heads are two large white and black ears. The muzzle area around the nose is also covered in white fur, and is usually separated by markings which drop down from the eyes. The bottoms of red pandas' feet are covered in fur, which helps them keep warm at the high altitudes in which they live.


Red pandas are agile climbers and will use their tails to balance within the trees.

Red pandas spend much of their time in trees. At times they will be spotted sunbathing on a limb or curled up to protect against the cold.


The pregnancy or gestation period of female red pandas lasts approximately 4 - 5 months. They will give then give birth to 2 - 3 cubs.

Other Facts

Red pandas are endangered due to habitat loss. They are also sometimes hunted for their furs.

At this time it is still not entirely known which animals red pandas are most closely related to.

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