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Location and Habitat

Lar gibbons, also known as white-handed gibbons, can be found in many countries and islands throughout southeast Asia. Some of these countries include Thailand, Malaysia, Burma and parts of southern China. They can also be found of the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Lar gibbons are arboreal which means they spend most of their lives high in the trees. Due to their small size, it is advantageous for them to live in the trees as they would be easier prey for larger predators on the forest floor. Lar gibbons will sleep in forks of branches of the trees.

River otters live in streams, marshes and back waterways surrounding lakes, especially the Great Lakes. They are also found in similar areas near certain parts of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.


Lar gibbons will eat a variety of things, particularly leaves, bark, flowers, and plant shoots. Sometimes they will also eat insects and bird eggs.

Size and Description

Lar gibbons are approximately 1.5 - 2 feet in height and usually weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. Lar gibbons are among the smaller primates, but they are not the smallest.

Lar gibbons have thick hair which covers most of their bodies. Only parts of their hands, faces and feet are hairless. Lar gibbons' hairs can range in color from light, sandy brown to dark brown or black. Around the edge of their faces is a ring of white hairs giving their faces a mask-like or ghostly appearance. Their faces are a dark black color. Lar gibbons' have a small amount of white hair on the tops of their hands, and the skin on their hands is a dull white or gray. This is where the name "white-handed gibbon" is derived from.


Lar gibbons are very agile and nimble. They swing through the trees by a method known as brachiation. Brachiation is the movement of swinging by moving arm over arm to grasp tree branches or other objects. This method of movement is similar to the method people use on monkey bars at a playground.


Lar gibbons mate for life and are one of the species of primates to do so. A mated male and female will make calls together for various reasons.


The gestation or pregnancy period of lar gibbons is approximately 7 months. At birth, females will usually have one offspring but two or more are possible.

Joanne Stemberger
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