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You may also on rare occasions see a black bear.

As you walk along a trail known as Devil's Den trail, you will see several cave entrances. Inside the caves are the main attraction of Devil's Den...bats. Devil's Den is home to several species of bat, including long-eared bats and Indiana bats. The caves are big enough to explore, with each cave being different in difficulty. It is important to note that when exploring caves you should never explore alone, and need to have a source of light such as a headlamp or a flashlight. You should also be sure that the cave isn't so deep that you become lost.

As you enter a cave the temperature begins to drop substantially (in the summertime). It is very cool and moist when compared to the heat of an Arkansas summer. The caves have narrow passageways in some places, and the rock walls are wet from the abundunt moisture that is present. Further into the cave, the sunlight will begin to dissipate, and the only light that will be present will be the artificial light from your flashlight or headlamp.

Moving along, you may start to hear loud screeches that slightly resemble the calls of certain types of birds. These are the bats of Devil's Den. When looking for bats, it is important to not disturb them. The bats at Devil's Den often appear near the ceiling and may be hanging from the jagged rocks. Remember, bats do not rely on eyesight to see in darkness, but rather emit high pitched screeches and then receive the reflected sounds to build a picture. This process is called sonar. Since bats cannot "see" what is in front of them, they may fly low near your head. If a bat does hit you, which rarely happens, it is important not to panic. They are not trying to harm you.

Now that you have explored the caves at Devil's Den, it is time to exit safely. Remember that the ground may be slippery beneath you. As you enter back into the park you will again see the beautiful scenery that Devil's Den State Park has to offer. There are majestic cliffs, beautiful vistas and many types of wildlife that await.

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