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Location and Habitat

Binturongs can be found in the rainforests and mangroves of southeast Asia. They are located in countries such as Thailand and Vietnam and on the islands of Borneo, Sumatra and Java. Binturongs spend most of their lives high in the trees of the rainforest. They are also mostly active at night.


Although binturongs are classified as carnivorous, they eat large amounts of fruit and plants. They may also eat fish, small mammals or lizards.

Size and Description

Binturongs generally grow to 2 or 3 feet in length, and their tails will grow to about the same length. Binturongs' appearances are unique to the animal kingdom and look like creatures out of a fairy tale.

Binturongs' faces somewhat resemble bears' faces, except that binturongs have many long, black hairs that extend from their ears and heads. They have short muzzles with long white whiskers. The long whiskers help binturongs move around and find food at night. The fur on their faces is often a light, grey color. Binturongs travel on all fours, and their legs are short like raccoons' legs. Their long tails are prehensile, which means that they can wrap around objects. Using their tails, binturongs can hang from tree branches and obtain hard to reach fruit.


Binturongs are well adapted to surviving in the trees of the forest. They have sharp claws that can grip trees, and with the use of their tails can maneuver in a variety of ways. Their short legs likely help them keep balance and stay close to the tree branches.


Pregnancy or gestation periods of binturongs last approximately 3 months. At that time, females will usually give birth to two or more young. or

Other Facts

Like many other animals that live in rainforests, binturongs are endangered due to habitat destruction.

Patricia Dubbeldam-wezel
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