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- Arachnids are terrestrial, which means they are found on land, not in water.
- Arachnids do not have antennae or wings.
- Arachnids are divided into two main parts, the cephalothorax which consists of the head and thorax, and the abdomen.
- Arachnids are almost always predators, and often feed on insects or other arachnids.
- Arachnids have six pairs of appendages. Insects have only three pairs of appendages.
- In many arachnids, the first pair of appendages, or chelicerae, are used to "bite" prey. They can sometimes be poisonous.
- Examples of arachnids include scorpions, false scorpions, daddy longlegs, all spiders, ticks and mites.
  Black Widow Spider   Zebra Tarantula  
  Flat Rock Scorpion   Daddy Long Legs  
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